About TLCM Director

Dr. Rev. Tai-Ying Lee—Director

  • Dr. Tai-Ying Lee is a counselor, theologian and missionary devoted to help people to view, to analyze, and to solve life struggles from the root of the problems, and thus to help people to live out a Christian life to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.   Translator of two Christian books and 50 counseling journal writing, Tai-Ying Lee once taught counseling and biblical doctrines and biblical courses in the theological seminaries in New York, Taiwan, China, and Korea.  She also served as the dean of Counseling Graduate School of Holy Light Theological Seminary in Taiwan.  Currently she is the director of TLCM.
  • Born in Taiwan, Tai-Ying Lee is the first generation of Christian and full time Christian minister.  She came to the United States for master study 1985 and then became a Christian at age 27.  She is a graduate of University of Maryland (Library and Information Services), and Westminster Theological Seminary (M. Div. and D.Min in Biblical Counseling).  She has been minister and pastor of churches in Taiwan and in NY, PA, and New York City.  She has been involved in church planting, pastoral ministry, short term missions, as well as writing, teaching, and counseling.  She is a frequent speaker invited by many churches and universities as well as retreats or conferences in China, Taiwan, South Africa, and in the United States
  • Tai-Ying Lee’s doctoral project dealt with the education of biblical counseling in Chinese Churches.  She is also doing and teaching counseling for Chinese Church in China, Taiwan, and in the United States